April 21, 2009

Mangosteen Crumble

Who would have thought
that tucked in snugly
within your hard casings
whose stains are so feared,
were juicy white segments
both slender and tender,
both sweetish and sourish,
and sometimes with seed?

You shy in a season
when durian reigns king
your deep purple surface
in bunches unsung
each juicy white segment
curved neatly to shape
sits waiting for mouths to suck
flesh from the seed.

Why don't we cook-up
a tangy concoction
a mangosteen puree
with sugar and spice;
and add to the mixture
a crunchy crust pastry
make crumble of sorts
with fresh cream on the top?

The taste would be perfect
a sour soft tart
with salty sweet topping
hot-cold and just right.
Your recipe waits
in the kitchens of vision
your servings unequalled
by desserts of old.

Mangosteen Crumble -
you haven't been born.
Forgive us for waiting
for banoffee pie
and durian ice cream
and pineapple jam
to retire.

(c) Charlene Rajendran 1999

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